Wandering around Brooklyn
At the end of September, Ginger, Allen, and Graham
went to Brooklyn to eat steak and pizza.
we got off the train near a nice looking building
we could see the building through the window
it was a bank
Allen and Ginger at the steak restaurant
Allen eating an appetizing salad before our steak lunch
we walked to the Pratt Institute
Allen and Ginger at Pratt
in a courtyard at Pratt
some sculptures at Pratt
an archway
Ginger by the archway
Ginger completed her graduate studies at Pratt
Ginger at Pratt
there are many sculptures like this around New York
these are close to Borough Hall
Allen and Ginger
this is near the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn bridge
we had pizza for dinner
it was delicious
it was almost sunset when we finished
Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn bridge
there was a waterfall exhibit under the Brooklyn bridge
the Empire State building and a waterfall
the Empire State Building
Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn bridge
we walked back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn bridge