Culinary Institute
Allen’s birthday lunch at the Culinary Institute of America was delayed until November, the first available reservation time. Graham took most of the photos and Ginger and Graham wrote the captions.
the Amuse: Pork on Squash and Celery Puree
Cream of Fall Squash with Seasonal Garnish
Ginger’s Appetizer
country-style terrine w/ pistachios & gr. peppercorn
Sea Scallops w/ Cilantro & Brussels Sprouts
Allen buttering his bread
Allen’s main course was prepared next to our table
the pan of broccoli rabe created a lot of steam
Breast of Pekin Duck w/ Port Wine-Poached Figs
Potato-Pesto Puree
Ginger’s main course: bass with yellow bell pepper sauce
Wild Striped Bass w/ Glazed Fennel, Squid Ink Risotto
Sm. Pork Cutlet w/ Braised Red Cabbage & Dried Fruit
poached pairs prepared next to our table - YUMMY!
Ginger and Graham’s dessert
Allen’s birthday dessert
Happy Birthday
brownie with pistachio ice cream
our table was next to the kitchen
Graham and Ginger happy together
Ginger and Allen
Pretty Flowers!
Laughing Allen
colorful reflection
Ginger falls for autumn!